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It's getting warmer (honest)

Now the weather is getting better, why not consider walking or cycling to church?.


Better for you, better for the environment, and better for your pocket!


Swifts need help!

The number of swifts breeding in the UK is falling.


Over the past 15 years numbers of this amazing and beautiful bird have dropped by about 40%.


Working with Men's Sheds and Berks Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust we have now installed swift boxes on the north side of the church tower, which we hope will attract and protect these birds.


I was very glad to be at the planning stage and not on the installation team!


Swifts pair for life and return to the same nest sites year after year.


They tend to nest in colonies and have a screaming call which attracts other swifts to a nesting site.


Tall buildings with more than one storey, such as churches and towers, make ideal nesting sites.


Swifts tend to eat the droppings of their young and so there is usually little or no mess beneath a swift nest.


We are looking forward to organising some nature walks in the summer so people can learn more about the swifts and other wildlife in the churchyard.

Swift Callers


We have installed a swift caller in the tower to attract the birds to our boxes. Head over to our Facebook page to hear them.

It can take up to 3 years before they start nesting.


Please let us know if you see any birds and take photos if possible.

Vegetable double bubble

There are many vegetables and herbs you can grow indoors using parts of the produce you would throw away and this can save you money the next time you go grocery shopping.




To grow this healthy snack at home, cut off the base of the celery and leave it in a bowl with a little bit of warm water. Keep the bowl in direct sunlight, and in a week, your celery base will start to grow leaves.


Transplant the celery in soil and watch it grow!


Romaine Lettuce


Similar to celery, keep the base of your romaine lettuce in a bowl with a ½ inch of warm water.


Leave it to sit in direct sunlight, and in a week or two, your lettuce stem will produce fresh, new lettuce leaves for all your great salads.


Transplant your lettuce to soil to continue growing. They should be full grown in three to four weeks. This process works for Bok Choy as well.


Garlic Sprouts


Are those tentacles?! Nope, those long green things growing out your garlic are green shoots. You can put them in a little water, under a lot of sunlight and grow a bunch of garlic sprouts. They are milder in taste than garlic cloves and are great in salads, pasta and as a garnish.

Grass Cutting

We had our first mow of the year in the main churchyard and the council has been given guidance to ensure we still have some pollinating flowers, and shelter for wildlife.

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