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Baptism / Christening 

Baptism is the start of the Christian journey. It is a sacrament and means that when we are baptised we belong to Jesus and are part of the wider Christian family.

In the Church of England and at St Peter’s we baptise infants, children and adults - it does not matter about your age when you are baptised. If a child is too young to speak then the parents and Godparents make promises on the child's behalf to bring the infant up as a Christian.

If you live in Burnham parish or have a connection with St Peter’s and are interested in baptism please do contact the Cornerstone office on 01628 664338 or email


As part of the preparation for child baptism you are required to attend 2 WOW services. These are special children services held on the 2nd Sunday of every month at 10am. You will also be required to attend a baptism preparation session with other families, these are normally held on a Sunday afternoon. 


God parents are required to be baptised and you are encouraged to bring them with you to the preparation session. If they are not baptised they can still be included as a sponsor. At this baptism preparation session, the Vicar will go through the practical details of the baptism service and explain the meaning of baptism. You can then book the date of your baptism.

If you are an adult enquiring about baptism, please do contact the vicar. You will be required to attend church and a few discussion sessions before baptism.



If we want to take on the promises made for us by our parents and Godparents, at our baptism then Confirmation is the next step. 

For an adult being baptised we normally will discuss Confirmation to take place at the same time or soon after. The Confirmation Service is conducted by the Bishop and it is a wonderful celebration when family and friends gather alongside the church family.


Confirmation classes take place once a year and run over a series of about 8 weeks. These are held in separate groups split between adults and children.. These groups explore and discuss the Christian faith, and what it means to be a Christian in the Church of England. 

Please do contact the vicar for more information at

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