Words from the Curate

During morning prayer last week, a particular verse of the Psalms caught my attention – He gives the beasts their food and the young ravens when they cry.


I had seen and read it before then, but just the shared generosity of God displayed in that Psalm made me to stay on it for some time and I was distracted from morning prayer.


I remembered a book I had read, which talked about God being generous to us and in most times, we miss the point of Gods’ generosity. The author was alluding to the fact that what we have been given, be it our time, education, patience, etc., is such that we can in turn share it with the world around us.


The author then pointed out that we Christians sometimes think that being spiritual is all about austere living, self-discipline, and the lots, forgetting about our relationship with the world and our neighbours. She writes – it is so easy to go to church instead of going to a friend whose depression depresses us.


Going to church, reflecting on the Holy Scriptures, and being fed at the LORD’s table is of course particularly important, I do not think anyone can argue against that. After all this is how we are fed by God for the journey. However, in the gospel passage of this week, after helping the disciples to catch fish and feeding them at the LORD’s table, Jesus demanded more of Peter and us.

Photo: Brian Henry


What we have been given is so that we in turn can give to others. Do you love me more than these, Jesus asked Peter, feed my Lambs. After the Holy Scriptures have been opened to us and we are fed at the LORD’s table, Jesus is calling to us to share the knowledge of God that we have with the world around us.

Revd Samson


Photo: Brian Henry