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Humpback whale spits out lobsterman - BBC News


Last week, I saw and read the above on the BBC news page. It is about a man who ended up in a whale’s mouth, only to be spat out after about 30seconds with little injury. I do not know if you saw the news or just reading it here, more importantly what do you think about the story?

Reading it, my first reaction was, is this the 21st century version of the Bible story of Jonah? Sometimes reading Bible stories and narratives leaves me wondering whether the stories has been told exactly the way it happened or not. Whilst I can, with my 21st Century brain, readily relate to some of the Bible narratives some I find challenging. Looking at the Gospel for today, “Jesus stills the storm”.


How are we meant to understand it? – An event that really happened and was narrated exactly how it happened, or a metaphoric narrative to inform us that Jesus is the answer for our troubled world or better still, both?

The Bible is a collection of books and whilst reading some makes us feel comfortable some part of the Bible stretches us. The story of Job, Jonah in the belly of a fish for 3 days are 2 examples of stories that can stretch us. The Bible was written many years ago and in a context that is different to ours today so how are we to understand it?

 Last week we started our 6 weeks Pilgrim Course on The Bible. I would like to encourage as many as are able to come along to this act of worship and studying together which will help us to answer some of the many questions that we might have on the Bible