Keeping everyone safe as we re-open


We will no longer be completing Track and Trace at the door, but please use the QR code available at the entrance.

We are keeping the pews at the back right of the church for those who wish to keep their social distance, not sing and wear masks. Please respect those that sit in this area.

Singing is allowed at our services and it is your choice if you wear a mask. At the Peace, please think about others and ask before you hug or shake hands.

When you come forward for communion please make sure that  your hands are sanitized. Communion will be offered either in one kind, or intincted by priest, (what we have been doing) this  on the right side as you come towards the altar. We are also offering the common cup which will be on the left side. The two chalices will be kept separate.


We return to kneeling or standing together around the altar. Please respect those who wish to social distance coming to Communion.

This is a lot of changes and they may change again so please do bear with us and the instructions given as it is to keep everyone safe