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100 Club

The 100 Club has been set up to support fundraising efforts at St Peter’s Church. The past year has made much of our fundraising activities impossible so this club is one of our new ways to raise funds.

So, how will the 100 Club work?

Membership will be £20 per number per year, members may purchase as many numbers as they wish. We need to sell a minimum of 50 numbers to make the club viable.


Participants must be 18 years of age or older.  

We want to encourage as many members as possible to pay their annual subscription by Standing Order, but subscriptions may also by paid by cash or cheques (payable to St Peter’s Church PCC).

The full set of rules and the membership application form is available from this page as a PDF or from church.

What are the prizes?

There will be four quarterly prize draws per year plus a special draw for St Peter’s Day.


First prize for each draw will be £100. Extra prizes may be added depending on the number of 100 Club members.


The quarterly draws will take place in August, November, February and May at the end of the 10 am Sunday morning service. The special St Peter’s Day draw will be drawn at the 10am Sunday service for the patronal festival.

Draw dates and winners names will be announced in the pew leaflet and on this website page.


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