If you would like to get married at St Peter's Church please contact the Cornerstone Office to make an appointment. (+44 1628 664338 or


Can I get married at St Peter's?


If you live in Burnham Parish, attend St Peter's Church, or have a connection to the Parish, you can be married at St Peter's Church.


If neither of you lives in the Parish, nor do you have any connection with the Parish, it is still possible to be married at St Peter's, but you will need to discuss this with us.


How much does a wedding cost?


When you book your wedding we make an administration charge of £100. This is deductible from the final wedding fees, but is non refundable if the wedding is cancelled


Fees are reviewed annually and the current fees need to be checked with the Cornerstone Office. For reference, the fees for 2019 are:


  • Marriage Service (incl banns & certificate) - £489
  • Church costs (including Organ/Verger/Flowers) - £281


Approximately 6 weeks before your wedding you will be given an invoice of how much you need to pay; fees need to be paid in full a month before your wedding.


Bells and Choir


St Peter's has a magnificent ring of 8 bells, and a team of ringers who ring before and after your wedding. The cost is £160.


A choir can add to the occasion by giving a strong lead to the singing. We can provide a choir for an additional £120.


We'll ask you for an initial decision about whether you want a choir and/or bells when you book your wedding, but as these facilities are provided by volunteers who only receive expenses we cannot GUARANTEE their availability. Minimum 2 months notice needed.


What if I've been married before?


A previous marriage which has ended in divorce is, unfortunately, not uncommon. St Peter's supports couples who wish commit themselves to a new start and to be remarried in church.




How big is the church? - St Peter's church will seat 250 people.


Music - Our organist, Brian Henry, is happy to speak to couples about music for wedding services. Please contact him (01753 851388) a few months before your wedding to discuss the possibilities for music.


Flowers - Two flower arrangements are included in the cost of your wedding and additional flowers can be arranged at extra cost if required.


Photographs and video?


We are happy for your wedding to be photographed, and the cost of video copyright is included in the wedding fee. Please speak to the Vicar who will be able to give you further guidance on photography during the service.


Please ask your photographer and videographer to familiarise themselves with the church layout and speak to the Vicar before the service begins; preferably on another day.


Changing the details of a wedding booking


If you want to make any changes to the time and/or date of your wedding, if you change your address, or if you wish to cancel the booking, it is essential that you inform us in writing. Write to: Cornerstone, Church Street, Burnham, SL1 7HX. Note the administration charge is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.


Cornerstone Office is open Monday to Friday 9:30 am - 12:30 pm, Tel: (01628) 664338


Did you know?


Back in 1991, Kate and Pippa Middleton were bridesmaids at a wedding in St Peter's church.



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